Web interface

The web site can be accessed using the IP address of the device. It provides links to the following web pages:
Various pieces of information are shown on this page. These can be useful when trouble-shooting. For example, when the device fails to connect to the MQTT broker, an error message can be found on this page. The page will also report the current and latest firmware versions. When a newer firmware version is available, an OTA upgrade can be initiated via the "OTA upgrade" button.
IR Signals
This page provides access to the IR signal definitions and decoders. Definitions can be added, modified, and deleted here. To delete a definition, select an IR family, clear the IRP string and click "Save".
Up to eight signal decoders can be configured. A decoder is enabled by selecting an IR family. When choosing an IR family, consideration should be given to the frequency range supported by the installed IR receiver component. IR signals that deviate too much from the nominal frequency will not be detected.
Optionally, fixed values for one or more IRP variables may be specified. This will limit the reports to signals that match the specified values.
IR signals can be transmitted by selecting a family and filling in the variables. Variables that have a default value may be left empty. Whether this is the case is indicated by the tooltip that pops up when you hover the mouse of the input field. Any received IR signals are reported in the log window, the latest signal at the top. The log window can be cleared using the "Clear log" button. When the receive mode is set to capture, the bit times of the received signal are reported. Clicking on the times will show a graphical representation of the IR signal. The selected signal is also compared against all installed IRP definitions. The definitions that match are listed in descending order of resemblance.
The configuration page is explained in detail on the Configuration screen page.