There are many methods for sending MQTT messages. A few possibilities are shown below. Each chapter shows how to transmit an RC5 signal with Device code 0 and Function code 19 using a different tool. The espirp used in the examples is configured with a host name of "espipr1". The MQTT broker has a host name of "mqttserver". The broker does not require a user name and password for clients to connect.


The Eclipse Mosquitto project includes a helper program to publish messages: mosquitto_pub. On some linux distributions this command is located in the mosquitto-clients package. The mosquitto_pub command is a command line tool that is contrtolled using command line options. This is how to use it:
mosquitto_pub -h mqttserver -t actions/espirp1/transmit -m '{"family":"RC5","D":0,"F":19,"repeat":3}'

MQTT Explorer

People who are more comfortable working with a GUI can use MQTT Explorer. After configuring the MQTT broker and making a connection, an IR signal can be transmitted by filling in the topic and message as shown below, then click on the "Publish" button.

MQTT Explorer